Program TitlePrice (USD) Price (LBP)
Filmmaking Diploma850 USD2,500,000 LBP
3D Animation & Visual FX Diploma950 USD3,000,000 LBP
Journalism Diploma 800 USD3,000,000 LBP
Concentration AreasPrice (USD) Price (LBP)
Directing & Screenwriting90 USD350,000 LBP
Cinematography & Film Editing90 USD350,000 LBP
3D Animation & Visual FX95 USD400,000 LBP
Advertising90 USD350,000 LBP
Journalism90 USD350,000 LBP


CertificatesDurationCourse NumberPrice (USD)Price (LBP)
Cinematic ArtsTwo SemestersNine Courses300 USD700,000 LBP
3D AnimationTwo SemestersEight Courses400 USD800,000 LBP
Film DirectingOne SemesterTwo Courses75 USD300,000 LBP
ScreenwritingOne SemesterOne Course75 USD250,000 LBP
Online JournalismOne SemesterOne Course75 USD250,000 LBP


Training ProgramsDurationPrice (USD)Price (LBP)
Filmmaking Novice LevelOne Semester55 USD150,000 LBP
Filmmaking Intermediate LevelOne Semester75 USD250,000 LBP
Filmmaking Advanced LevelOne Semester95 USD300,000 LBP


Price (USD) Price (LBP)
Individual Course30 USD200,000 LBP


Fee TitleSubmission Fee (USD)Approval Fee (USD) Submission Fee (LBP)Approval Fee (LBP)
Change of Program25 USD20 USD70,000 LBP30,000 LBP
Course Substitution5 USD5 USD25,000 LBP25,000 LBP
Attendance Penalty Removal10 USD5 USD50,000 LBP25,000 LBP
Missed Assignment5 USD5 USD25,000 LBP25,000 LBP
Missed Midterm Exam10 USD5 USD50,000 LBP25,000 LBP
Missed Final Exam15 USD5 USD75,000 LBP25,000 LBP
Missed Final Exam15 USD5 USD75,000 LBP25,000 LBP


Fee TitleSubmission Fee (USD)Approval Fee (USD) Submission Fee (LBP)Approval Fee (LBP)
Semester Registration15 USD0 USD100,000 LBP0 LBP
Failed Course15 USD0 USD50,000 LBP0 LBP
Late Registration Penalty30 USD5 USD100,000 LBP30,000 LBP
Re-activate Account30 USD0 USD100,000 LBP0 LBP
Financial Aid Application50 USD15 USD150,000 LBP50,000 LBP
Full Scholarship Application50 USD50 USD150,000 LBP150,000 LBP
Fee TitlePrice (USD)Price (LBP)
Smart ID Card25 USD100,000 LBP
Printed Certificate35 USD80,000 LBP
Printed Academy Transcript10 USD40,000 LBP
Express Shipping55 USD60,000 LBP

All of the above fees are subject to direct change without the notice and consent of the students.

LBP payments must be made by residing Lebanese Passport or Government ID holding students only.

Refund Policy

All tuition and general fees that are stated for each program or paid by the student are Non-Refundable. Please note that if you register and want to withdrawal your registration, Your paid amount will not be refunded and you will have the chance to keep your account on hold or gift the program to another person of your choice.


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