Rule One

Attending live classes is optional, but students are responsible for the material given in each session.

Rule Three

Be polite in live classes, always mute your microphone when you attend and unmute whenever the instructor asks you to.

Rule Five

Skipping three semesters will make your account inactive.

Rule Seven

Opening a "Late Assignment Submission" petition is a must if you are submitting assignment one or two after the specified date.

Rule Nine

CineArts has the right to terminate a student account if his/her GPA is below 1.5, The fees paid by the student will not be refunded.

Rule Two

Missing 3 classes for a course will result in automatic withdrawal from it.

Rule Four

Use the chat area in the live session to participate and ask questions, maintain the student-instructor protocol.

Rule Six

Students must submit assignments and exams on their specified date.

Rule Eight

Opening a "Makeup Exam" petition is a must if you skipped submitting any midterm or final exam.

Rule Ten

Students who work or study during live class hours must open an Attendance Penalty Removal Petition.

Refund Policy

All tuition and general fees that are stated for each program or paid by the student are Non-Refundable. Please note that if you register and want to withdrawal your registration, Your paid amount will not be refunded and you will have the chance to keep your account on hold or gift the program to another person of your choice.


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