rules & policies

STOP! Read The Following Carefully.

General academy RULES

Attending live classes is optional, but students are responsible for the material given in each session.
Be polite in live classes, always mute your microphone when you attend and unmute whenever the instructor asks you to.
Use the chat area in the live session to participate and ask questions, maintain the student-instructor protocol.


All tuition and general fees that are stated for each program or paid by the student are Non-Refundable. Please note that if you register and want to withdrawal your registration, Your paid amount will not be refunded and you will have the chance to keep your account on hold or gift the program to another person of your choice.


Students are responsible for maintaining a high GPA throughout their time of study.
Students must submit assignments and exams on their specified date.
Opening a "Late Assignment Submission" petition is a must if you are submitting assignment one or two after the specified date.
Opening a "Makeup Exam" petition is a must if you skipped submitting any midterm or final exam.
Opening a "Makeup Exam" petition is a must if you skipped submitting any midterm or final exam.
CineArts has the right to terminate a student account if his/her GPA is below 1.5, The fees paid by the student will not be refunded.


Concerning Accreditation
CineArts University is in the process of accreditation. As its known worldwide, accreditation takes at least 3 to 4 years from the date of the first student enrollment. We are striving for the top accreditation out there, that's why we don't strive for accreditation from random accreditation boards that are cheaper and gets us accredited quickly. We strive to serve quality education.
What If I Graduate Before Accreditation Is Achieved?
Worry Not! Your diploma will be directly accredited through our system, this means you can enjoy your learning, start your career and get the accreditation on your diploma in both ways automatically!
University Vs. Academy
Why are we called CineArts University and our domain name is Simple! One of the accreditation requirements is to call it University and not academy, so this domain will change on the exact date when we receive the accreditation.
Is CineArts University Legal?
Yes! As long as we maintain transparency between us and our students and we are not providing fake diplomas, we are definitely legal. CineArts University will be registered under the company name Cinematic Arts LLC in the United States of America.


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