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Check If Your Certificate Is Valid

If your Certificate Is Valid, It means that it is officially issued by CineArts University.

Certificate Validator


What Are The Characteristics Of The Certificate?

The Certificate is designed with a Golden tone and perforated dots that resembles a cinema screen. The Background sheets is made up of paper ridges that have an earthy tone to it along with a golden light balanced design frame box.

When Do I Receive My Certificate?

You receive your certificate after you finish and pass all the courses required by your diploma program.

What Is The Certification Number On My Certificate?

Each graduated student gets a unique certification number on his certificate to validate it's active status and prove that the certificate is official.

How Do I Get My Certificate?

Once you request your certificate from your student portal, You will receive a digital copy of your certificate along with your grades transcript sheet on your email within 2 to 3 business days.

Can I Get A Physical Certificate?

Yes! You can order your physical certificate and get it shipped to your country, However it will cost you 29.99$ without the shipping fees.

The Golden Laurel Cup on the Certificate Seal shows that the student has graduated with an outstanding GPA of 3.8 and above. If the student’s GPA is below 3.8, the Certificate Seal will not have the Golden Laurel Cup on it.


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