Position title
Course Instructor

The instructor teaches in discipline areas in which he or she has specific training and competence. He or she also promotes and directs successful student learning in keeping with the learning-centered values and goals of the Academy.

Available Courses To Teach in the English Language:

  • Screenwriting
  • Film Editing
  • Filmmaking Principles
  • NFT Art Creation
  • Lighting For Film
  • Directing Fundamentals
  • Sound For Film
  • Product Branding
  • Principles of Advertising

Session= 40 Minutes

  • Teach and supervise students using lectures, demonstrations, discussion groups, laboratory workshop sessions, seminars, case studies, field assignments, and independent or group projects.
  • Prepare, administer and mark tests and papers to evaluate students' progress.
  • Selects textbooks and other resources for the class.
  • Prepares class sessions and assignments to help students grasp course content and how it integrates with overall student learning outcomes for the course
  • Submits course grades to the CineArts Academy Registrar by the assigned date.
Job Benefits

Position experience

Monthly 4G internet data

Employment Type
Per Semester
Duration of employment
3 Months
Job Location
Remote work possible
Base Salary
250,000LBP Per hour
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