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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the grading system?

At the end of each course, a letter grade will be given by the Course Instructor for the course based on the student’s performance. All course credits where a letter grade is issued are factored into a student’s term and cumulative GPA. The Maximum GPA is 4.0.

Will my degree be accepted at other universities?

CineArts University and all of its academic degrees are through the process of getting accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. Students will need to check with their individual institution regarding whether degrees/credits from CineArts University are accepted.

Is CineArts University Accredited?

Students ask us if CineArts University is accredited. It’s important to understand that we’re a non-accredited, private learning environment here at CineArts University. Since we are starting fresh, We don’t have accreditation yet, But we are working on it and it takes years. While we remain without accreditation, We will keep our cost of enrollment as low as possible. We’re passionate about remaining accessible to independent filmmakers interested in learning the technical, artistic, and theoretical elements of filmmaking without going into debt. Educational debt is something that most students worldwide know all too well, having attended traditional, accredited film schools firsthand. Accredited schools charge tens of thousands of dollars for enrollment in their programs. There are obvious advantages to going this route, but there are also some pitfalls. To be a filmmaker doesn’t require a degree. In fact, many of the best and most respected filmmakers got their training simply by completing their film projects and learning as they went along! We’ve designed CineArts University for these people: independent filmmakers eager to add production value and narrative integrity to their work without spending obscene amounts of money, either because they don’t want or can’t afford to. Consequently, our approach strives to make learning accessible to everyone around the world. You still will be working through an intensive curriculum and diving deep into a wealth of supplemental materials.

Do i need to speak english?

Our online degree programs at CineArts University are accredited English degree programs – because of this, we require all non-native English speakers to provide us with proof of English proficiency. An applicant who does not meet these English Proficiency requirements may be considered for admission. If admitted, applicants will be required to take a University-approved English course and an examination in order to demonstrate a proficient level of English. Upon successful completion of the course and examination, students may then continue to study in CineArts University.

How many hours do i need to dedicate each week?

CineArts University classes take place online, so students can learn wherever and whenever Internet connection is available. Whether you have a fast connection or a slow one, students receive the same lesson. All materials, including the lessons, are online texts and live lectures with professional instructors in the field. To allow even more people to participate, the lessons can be read in the span of a few days. They are not restricted to a specific time so that the students can study and participate in the course discussion forums whenever their lives allow it. One can log on and study around their schedule and at their own pace.

Can i study as a part-timer?

Degree Seeking Students may choose to be part-time students taking 3 course per term, or full-time students taking 5-6 courses per term. Students must complete all requirements for the Bachelor’s degree in no more than 12 semesters of active enrollment excluding any periods of separation from the University.

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